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      • Hey Brandon

        Im 16, and a top sports athlete. I have developed late, but i am near certain i will grow to be around 6 foot. I am currently 5ft 9.9 (i was 5ft4 a year ago). Have you got any tips for me not stunting possible growth but i also want to gain muscle to help with my sport.


    • Hey brandon. i’ve been looking your videos(Abs workouts) , and i see changes in my body pretty nice! in little time, amazing work! bro, not only for the excellent exercises and tips that teach, also the motivation that give your words of “do not give up and worked hard.” You have very good speech and motivate! thanks for all of that!, now you gotta a big fan in colombia!, promoting you here!, w/ all my people of my gym, really thanks!

  1. hi brandon;

    thank man, i was able now to download the video. i started to put in practice all your instruction and i will let you posted about my experience and how the information gained from your video is working for me.

  2. Hey there brandon……
    im currently 21 and trying to really get into shape :)
    just for a healthy body/Benefits

    I have currently enter my email to subscribe to your free trial plan….. about 2 days ago
    and I haven’t gotten anything in to my email…..I just want to know if this is still working correctly

  3. Hey Brandon your in amazing shape and great job do you think you can answer my short question it is: Im 15 and around 120 5’4 im a small guy but wont give up i can see my top 4 abs and there is a layer of fat or skin so is there any exersizes to get like to see all the abs im almost there

  4. Hey Brandon. Dude your amazing. I’ve worked out since i was in 7th grade and im a sophomore in highschool now. I dont see amazing results from my own workouts. I look forward to trying yours. I’ve always wanted to be as big as a guy like you. Thank you so much for showing this to me and more importantly the world. I’m sure many many people will enjoy knowing how to actually work out now. Thank you!

      • Hey Brandon.
        Cheers from Denmark
        I have some questions and was wondering If you could asnwer. About diet. That’s my weakness. I mean, I can not get fat! And never could. What and how often should I eat to get some results from your workout?
        And second one. I got your free workout plan. What about this 7 dollars plan, is it different, I mean, 7 usd is not such big money anyway.
        Thanks again.

      • when you download the full $7 program you’ll get a detailed workout to follow Monday-Friday. the free workout plan is a one day full body program. the $7 program is just a lot more intense

      • Thanks for pointing that out. I was about to post asking about it. I will see how the 2 weeks go and then I will purchase the full program by then. I really like the fact that you are active on your own site and spare your time to read every comments and reply to them. Thank you Mr. Carter.

      • I dont really diet. and ive never known a good muscle supplement to take or protein shake to drink. Have any good ones i should buy? Are their certain ones that you drink or supplements you take?

  5. hey i have been trying to build up my chest for for couple years now, and theyre still smaller than the rest of the other muscles. Ive been bench pressing, dumb bell exercises, flys, dips, etc. and still theyre not growing as big as i like. can you help me out with this?

  6. Hey! Brandon Carter i just look up all the exercises and i have been doing them for Two WEEKS! just in the morning in evening and in the night over and over and gosh im
    seeing Results now ! not like you of course but im just watching myself stronger and
    now i can see ABS! yeah !, just dont drink or smoke and i eated just nutritional food like
    so much chicken, fish, turkey , it work amazing with yout exercises , i just can give you my gratitude Thanks Brandon

    Now lets impress some chicks out there, haha


  8. Yo Brandon,
    I’m doing regular exercises, like push ups, fly’s, curls and all that , and i think I’m pretty ripped but i want to make my muscles even big like yours. So asked a couple of people what they do during their training, but they all use machines, which i don’t have.. until I walked into other my friend who is ripped as hell and he told me that he uses your program and he told me he had HUGE results in a year, it improve his skills in soccer also. So he said i should download the trial version ( and i am right now ), and if i like it i might buy your full version. So ill hit you up in a month or two. I also think this program will work.

    – Jed

  9. Hey i hurt my shoulder at a football game and its just now getting better but i feel weak in my left shoulder and need to get back in shape for baseball season and next football season any way u can help me??

  10. Hey Brandon , Im Dany from the uk. I am 16 years old and I currently weigh at 15 Stone / 95kg. I am 6ft 1 and I am very self concious about my weight. I have man boobs and a round belly which I want to get rid of as soon as possible. My birthday is in june and I Plan to get rid of my man boobs in about 5 – 6 months. Can you please advise me on what I should do to get rid of my man boobs and how I can gain a 6 pack similar to yours. Thanks, Dany.

  11. hey
    I am skinny and tired of eating but still can’t gain weight
    wanna get body just like u but tired working hard for last 3 months but no changes.
    i want abs but no changes
    any tip, advice pls
    looking forward :)

  12. I am looking to gain muscle 10 – 15 lbs. I am in pretty good shape, it is just mad difficult for me to gain weight. I am 6ft and 165. Can this plan reallly help me. I don’t have hours to dedicate to the gym because I am a law student. So let me know what’s good and keep it 100.

  13. hey Brandon,
    I’m the strongest kid from my class (1st of highschool, 12 years old). I want to be stronger then the kids that are older then me. What must I do?? I don’t want to buy any thing and I want to do it at home. (I’m not so very good at English)

  14. Hey Brandon,
    Whats up man! Ayo I Been outta da gym for like a month and a half cuz I slightly torn my achillis tendon, I miss da fitness training for real ! Hey I just wanted to know If I can still do an upper body workout wit my leg like this? Yo good lookin out man!


  16. Im currently 19 but my problem isnt being over wieght im 5’11 137 im trying to put on mass and build up i just dont know the fastest and most effecient way to do so ive been able to tone a shape the muscle i have now but that was dude to my last job any ideas

  17. ay wats good man. i been watchin all your youtube videos even the beats u make there sick too. im going to give your stuff a try..i been working out at the gym for 6 months now i was 255 at 5 7 and now im down to 189 from doing cardio and lifting but i want to lose 20 more to tone and cut up a bit.My question is do u take like anything like supplement wise like whey protein?

  18. hey, Brandon i am of 17 now nd a basketball player.
    my problem is my left side abs and chest which is less developed than my right ones. so what should i do?? please brandon if u hve any solution for it please tell me

  19. Sup Doggie? Nice website! I was searching around online and came across it I’m impressed. I like how you are for real about what you say and what you do.. Im interested in your workout guide so we’ll see whats up but I’ll hit you up where Im at in a few weeks. I got a group of friends that are wanting to get in shape so if this works (which I’m confident it will) I’ll get them all signed up and get you some more business cause money is what pays the bills. LATE!

  20. hey, brandon i am 13 and really want a six pack. i have lost 50 pounds of fat and have loads of skin hanging of by belly it isnt fat. could you advise me what to do. i do leg raises but they hurt my back. i also want to be big and muscular like you. what do you eat?

    thanks irfan

  21. hey, i been workin out for about 10 months on/off, i use to be a stick when i started man, but im pretty good shape right, the problem is my stomach!! i dont got no six pack, but my main Question, i want to download the program, does it come with a nutrition plan? because i learned thorugh talking to people and stuff, that its the most important? what do you personnely say about diet? is it THAT important? but anyways hit me back up if you gotta sec. appreciate it, and u lookin good man

  22. hi brandon im inspired by your work! i would really like to loose my body fat, i do not have much but i just want to get my body looking ripped just like yours! i am trying to get my body the best i can get it in the next six months have you got any good workouts that i can do to help me loose my body fat fast?

    thanks luke.

  23. Hey Brandon,

    I just saw your videos and they are amazing! I am truly inspired to get into better shape. I am actually petite and weigh about 115 lbs, and I just wanted to stay in shape and get nice abs. You say cardio is key, and I wanted to know if I can just follow the cardios you do (high knee jumps etc) rather than using the treadmill to run? Thanks.

  24. Hey, i am 12 and was wondering if this program was okay for my age. Most kids at my school are ripped, but i heard that lifting weights stunt your growth (turns out it wasn’t true) so i never did that. How long will this program take for me to see a difference?

  25. hi im been following your workout plans and am great fan i have just come back from a injury and looking to gget back into shape. I know diet is important and need to eat healthy but is there any foods or drinks in particular that will help.

  26. hi im a great fan being following your workout plans to get back in shape after a while out due to a injury.Iknow a good diet is key but are there any foods or drinks in particular that will help thanks

  27. Hi I just purchased your workout plan and judging by your e-book I see that it targets people that want to lose weight and build muscle. So what about myself who wants to gain more weight ( I am 220 6.7 in pretty good shape) and build even more muscle. Thank You

  28. Hey, i’ve been working out on off for about a year now! But i have not been able to get the desired results! Friends just say its my body type! im not saying i wanna be a body builder or anything like that! im 6 foot 3 and weigh about 150 pounds, Ideally i want to weight 165! However. i don’t wanna take weight gainers or anything like that, as they cost a bomb! will this plan help me gain some weight! is what i basically want to know!! :)

  29. I downloaded ur fullplan today. I am 39yrs old and been struggling with my belly fat (love handles). I am 229lbs 6ft 2in and want to reduce to 200. Please help.

  30. Bro you a beast foreal. (no homo) . I saw your videos on youtube. I’ve been working out probably around 6 or 7 weeks now. I’m seeing some results, but I’m sure if I had a specific regimine I would see even better results. I really want to get swole before the summer time. Ima download this trial workout, and you’ll probably have another customer.

  31. Hey! I am excited to see if this works. I will be leaving for basic training in a few months and I need help getting strength in my upper body. I believe that this is what I have been looking for. Thank you very much :)

  32. Hey, i got your 2 week e-mail and let you know you spelled walk wrong as “well.” you should give me the ab workout for free :D

  33. hey m in good shape and im lean but i want to make that jump from being lean to ripped – mainly i want a deeper six pack. Got any good advice, workouts, or routines?

  34. W@ up bro Brandon?

    ya site is just super man n am just find out about ya site ths yr n yo to say th truth it helps me alot n bro keep the gudjob tight aaaight!!

  35. Hey man im really glad I got your plan, I can tell you that it is working really good for me. My shoulders biceps and chest developed like crazy and I am only on my 3rd week. I did workout before this but i think I was overworking and didnt focus on all muscles.

  36. Hey Brandon, Iam !4 years old and i want to start getting in shape so how should i get started with your workouts?

  37. Hey Brandon. I’m about 5″6-7. And I’m 17. Do you think the workouts for my chest and abs will affect my growth? I’m also thinking about training my legs to make it stronger so I can jump higher dring basketball games.

  38. hey brandon, my name is brieanna im 15 years old and m tryin to get in the best shape of my ife i already lost enough weight now im trying to tone my body do u have any tips on foods, and exercises?

  39. hey a think you are the best Personal Trainer ever no joke , wish i could train with a person like you , as i want to have a body figure like you

    how long did it take u to get like that into shape and what kind of stuff do u eat , and also is protein shake a good thing to take ? please write


  40. hey my son looks at your videos and hes only 12 and hes doing all these exersizes and now hes saved up and wants to buy weights and do them
    is this a bad thing, shall i stop him or is it safe any side affects

  41. Hey Brandon, I’ve done plenty of your workouts; in fact, whenever I feel like working a specific bodypart, I look it up in the website and I do the routine like you describe it. I love it that it always gets me sore, and I’m not an inexperienced lifter . Feels good, I can tell you that. One thing though, I think you definitely need more exercises for the legs. I feel like you haven’t put many online, or maybe you just don’t work them out much.
    I would definitely buy your program but I don’t have a credit card at the moment since I’m only 17. If you would let me, I can send you pics of my before and after, put them on your site with a testimonial written by me and you can give me your product? What do you think? I would love to work with it and I’m sure I can achieve it. Trust me mine would be a super success story.

    All the best,

    Nate L.

  42. Hey brandon, wanted to let you know your videos are great. I also wanted to ask a quick question about nutrition. What kind of diet should I be following? I have put alot of emphasis in protein and just increasing my calorie intake overall. Wondered if you had any tips.

    • Thanks!!! it really depends on your goals, when you read the plan you should have a good idea of what you should be doint to accomplish YOUR goals. keep me posted on your progress and let me know if you have any more questions

  43. Hi Brandon! I’m 18 years old and have diabetes.. I would like to know how i could get rid of my lower bellyfat… I’ve been a diabetic since i was 7….which led to that i got some bellyfat caused by all the shots i take with insulin…. Please help me.. I’m 181 cm and weigh 88kg.. i’ve been working out allot, practicing everything from taekwando,bjj, muay–thai and hockey… and been working out at the gym since i was 15… How to i get rid of my belly fat and show my 6 pack?!?!?! i got my 6 pack! ! but i just dont know how to get rid of all that fat….

    • Whats up bro. I am not qualified to give medical advice because I am just a trainer and nutritionist. But I do beleave the key to accomplishing your goals will have to do with your diet. check out abook called “ZONE DIET” by Dr. Sears. its good for people with diabetes.. but PLEASE talk to a Doctor 1st. Keep me posted on your progress bro!

      P.S. I just started muay–thai Kickboxing myself. I am going to be entering some MMA tournaments in a few months!

  44. hey,

    my waist is 34 inch. i want it less to 30. its not easy for me build six pack ryt now. so if u gve some usefull exercise to less my as soon as possible. plzz rep soon

  45. Brandon,

    I live in Queens, NY.

    School in Brooklyn, NY.

    Work in New York, NY.

    Please let me know if there is a gym where you can train me for the next 6 weeks. Provide me with a price and we’ll figure out a schedule.

  46. hey brandon, im a freshman in scool now and im trying to get hard abs that show. My abs are hard but they dont show any suggestions?

  47. hey brandon. imma freshman in hishschool. and i have hard abs but they dnt show. im working on them but their gettin harder but still not showing. how do i get them to show

  48. hey brandon…im 16 yrs old and im trying to find a better meal plan when i workout..i bought a few mes health magazines but was un able to find anything on the topic =..im lookin to build muslce and what i should eat before and after i workout

  49. Brandon I love your workout. I have Hemi Cerebral Paulsy and never thought I would ever have any muscle tone and in only a day I saw results. I have no fat to burn so all I do is build muscle. You are one hell of a man. I did have to adapt some exercises in order to do them so I could get the results. Can you give any pointers on developing a very weak tricep muscle?

  50. Hey brandon..!! Thanx for everything man… for real… Ive been working out for 2 weeks.. but im wondering if what i eat will make slower gainin muscle… right now Im eatin almost no carbs, no sugar and no fat… almost everythin is prepared in the grill or just cooked in water… Im tryin to speed up everythin cuz i will star soon university again n im workin too and i wanna get ripped, so i guess i have to do more cardio as well.. n due to of im studyin n workin I have no time left… once again dogg.. thanx… 4 real.. really good workout program man…

  51. hey mr. carter

    i’m luka and i want to get a six pack abs. i am runninng for 30 minutes every second day and doing cruches for almost 2 months now. i’m able to see the upper 2 squares of six pack but on the lover abs i have more body fat. what should i do to get it of?

    p.s. i can send you photos of my abs because i’m very interested of who much body fat i have . if you want photos just give me your email adress


  52. Hey Brandon.
    ive dowloaded your free trial plan, i hope it works ( as i see other people sayin it dos )So thanks for giving me the chance to grow brow. Ill keep you updated.

    By the way, keep going with your music, thats whats up! ;)

  53. Hiya iv sent my email for a free trial. Then if it works out I like to buy the full workout plan as I want to gain muscle lose fat at the same time and get ripped…

  54. hey there im soooo glad i came across your video on youtube….your page has all the info that one person could need…..im not trying to loose weight just need to add more muscle now lets see how it goes…..thanks :)

  55. Hey Brandon,
    Im 16, 6ft 5″ and was hopeing to find out why its alot harder to gain muscle if taller?
    Also, i tried the workout its great, anymore tips on back and shoulder muscles?

  56. Hi, I downloaded the free version of you’re workoutplan, but found out that almost all the exercise is with weights. Is there possible to get a trial version of the “home workout plan”? I want to see if it works and I like the concept, if I do I can later buy the full plan for more variative training than the trial. I don’t have any training studios near me and am weak and skinny so do not dare to go to one (and I don’t afford atm) :P
    If I could get a free trial on the home workout plan I would be grateful.

  57. Hey brandon,

    I’ve been doing this workout of yours for a while : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpqwmjXUeQ8

    In about howmuch time will I get a sixpack if I do it each evening correctly ?
    Im almost 18 years old, I’m about 5 feet and 8.11 inches, and weight about 61,8 kg.
    Please answer I want to get RIPPED ! ( like you )


  58. hey brandon, dude im 16 and i wanna play football but im really skinny!, i wanna gain as much weight as possible in 3 months but still be lean, do u think your workout plan can help me achieve that? thanks

  59. Hello! Brother..! U just Aweeeeeesomme!!!
    I always do the same workout which u suggest us!!!!!
    Thnx alottt!
    my number 0092-0347-9038042!

  60. You inspired me greatly, and you are my Hero , I’ve always been a short skinny guy since birth, now that I’m 17, with your motivation I’m going to start working out from now on.

  61. hi!
    im 15 years old and im skinny (i weight about 50 Kg).
    Do you think that in 2 weeks and with your free “lessons” i will gain muscule and get ripped
    please answer quicly, i realy need an answer :)

    • You WILL see an improvement within the two weeks! But being in AMAZING shape is going to take about 3 months of hard work! if you start now, you will be THE MAN when school starts next year! good luck!

  62. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you can do with some pics to drive the message home a little bit, but other than that, this is excellent blog. A fantastic read. I’ll definitely be back.

  63. Hey Brandon i just submitted to your Free Trial but nothing has showed up in my email yet? I’m really inspired by your videos and i’m gonna try out your trial before buying the real thing!
    I’m a football(soccer) player from Denmark and at the age of 17 i’m playing as much as possible and therefore an aspiring talent. Currently a senior team is where i play (steppingstone-team) and therefore i need some more muscles.

    Looking forward to trying the program, will let you hear and hopefully the free trial programme will show up in my inbox soon!?

    Oliver, Denmark

  64. Will you recomend protein shakes?
    And everytime i do some push-ups, i hear this cracking noise in my elbows, is that bad sign?.

  65. Hey brandon do you think i can get a six pack at my young age(12 years old) i realy do want to get one so do you think your free trial workout will work on me? Please reply fast!

  66. hi brandon
    i have a 8 packs but i have a fat layar in the lower abs how can i loss it fast
    i dont have a cardio machine can i use rope jump to burn the fat (i need a fast way)

  67. Hey There i’m 17 years old, i am trying to get 6Packs i work really hard for 3 months but i got 4Packs now but i want to burn some of my lower stomack Fat i wish if you can help me Vipdubai_001@hotmail.com
    I always see your videos. You Are Awsome….

  68. hey brandon your in amazing shape ! i’m 14 and 5″9 ans i cant see my abs very well but my body fat percentage is 10%. pls help me

  69. Your videos are great, straight forward which is what I like. I’m looking into gaining weight. I’m 6’3, underweight. Is there any way you could tell me the names of the routines I’d likely do so I can figure out if I can afford to get the equipment and your plan? Thank you in advance!

  70. hey Brandon :) i´m only 14 years old so would like to know if you think it can give problems using your training program,? like being unhealthy training with weights or such… mostly use the arnold swharsnegger technique and 2 10kg/15lb i think weigths?

  71. Hey I’m almost 15 and about to download the free trial but I have 1 question, am I to young to be lifting? I don’t think so

  72. hey Brandon how’s it going?? I’m just finding out about this workout plan of yours, but I’m in DESPERATE NEED of HELP, about 2 years ago I was overweight but not to an extreme point just weighed between 210-220 but before that I did weigh more but lost weight and at that time I was living out the country and since I came back to the U.S. I just been gaining weight like crazy (of course it’s my fault for letting myself go but because I was living in a small town in Mexico where there were no fast foods, basically just homecooked meals and some medication that helped due to a mental disorder and when I came back to the U.S. you could say I became week to fast food because I didnt have it for over 3 years while I was living in Mexico and just started eating the foods that I didn’t have for quite a long time) but now I’ve reached over 300 lbs and I’ve always gained & lost weight throughout the years but NEVER have reached over 250 lbs, I try to go to the gym daily but there are days where I’m not motivated to go or something comes up to the point where I just make it an excuse not to go, also I used to atleast be at the gym 2-4 hours, now it would be a surprise if I last atleast 2 hours, I need help losing this weight but I need the right workout to help me reach my goal, I don’t mind gaining muscle but I don’t wanna be a Big Buff guy just inshape and healthy, as for right now my goal is to lose 100 lbs, I guess what I’m asking is if this workout plan of yours can help me reach my goal?? please let me know and I appreciate your help, Thank You

  73. sup brandon!
    i seen some of vids and jus now downloaded your free trial
    im 28yrs old and weigh about 155lbs in some good shape but want results like bruce lee….the lean kinda skinny ripped muscle with great abs without getting big at all
    will your workout regime plan work for the results im trying to go after???
    and also will buying tea rexx help me get my results faster?

  74. hey brandon quick question,
    ive been working out at the gym lately and ive lost about 8lbs in 2months not the happiest bout the weight loss in that amount of time. So, my question is what is a good diet too lose weight. I also am i high level athlete so I do get a lot of cardio. Im currently 5’10 and 168lbs i wanna loose my love handels BADLY!
    Any suggestions??


  75. hey brandon,

    quick question what is the propper diet to lose wieght. i went to the gym for the past 2 months and only lost 8lbs. So i thought my diet must be wrong. Im currantly 5’10 168lbs. i am a high level hockey player so i do get alot of exersize. BUT i want to losse my love handels. any suggestions?


  76. Hey Brandon.
    I got your Highlight workout plane but But i can’t order Tea Rxx from Amazon because they ship them only to USA and I’m in Canada you think is there any other way to get it?!!
    Let me know man Thanx

  77. hi brandon i was just wondering in your vids u hav muscles under your arms below your lats they look like gylls lool wat are they called and how do u get them thanks

  78. hey Brandon
    hv seen many sites and videos online,…but none of them looked so impressive as yours…u r mind blowing mate…
    hey i am 26 years of age i hv been searching for plans which help in burning fat and build muscles. Can you help me in setting my schedule …right now train myself on weight and one day i set myself on Treadmill and perform short sprints…is this enuff or shall i involve ur workouts as well but when and how…i would like to tell you that i am an endomorph . would like to tell you that i have lost a lot of muscle mass as i was only on cardio during my weight loss process as no body helped me in clarifying that its fat loss. i was 275 lbs and pullled down myself to 165 lbs but i was very depressed when i came to know that maximum was muscle loss…now i am trying to get rid of fat as well as build muscle.. plss help me out mate …:(

  79. i have a question am trying to download your program to my ipod touch and i dont know how to do it am trying to get fit very fast i dont go to the gym i workout at home

  80. Hey Brandon,
    Is the Tea-Rexx supplement pills? or is it a powder that you mix with water, milk etc.?
    I have only been lifting a few weeks, but i really want to lose weight/gain muscle fast, what do you recommend?

  81. sup brandon
    ive been working out for about a year with some good results, starting doing split works outs and just changed to do full body workouts….but i think im reaching a plateau but i also dont wanna stray away from fullbody workouts….does your workout plan (besides your good trial workout) have some other full body workouts???
    im really not trying to bulk up but want to have a body like bruce lee!!! kinda skinny,leaned and ripped
    -thx in advance

  82. Hi Brandon. I’m Sahil. 17…….93kgs…..5 foot’10. I try to lose weight but i always fail or i get tired of doing it !! I have a lot of belly and almost like breasts coming out ! I wont be able to buy the plan . But instead what should i do? Please Help! Thanks :)

  83. Whats up Mr. Carter, just downloaded your free workout plan. I’ve been working out for a while now but i seem like im not getting any bigger. From reading all your stuff on your web you know whats up. I’m a small guy, 5″5 at 125lbs. just looking to get into mad shape for the military. Stoked to start using your plan! thanks

  84. Hi Brian,
    I have a question for you. I come from the Netherlands. I am a Kickboks fighter on a pretty high level. I want to train my abs, arms and my shoulders very fast like in 2 weeks or 1 month, because in February I have a important match for a belt and I have muscles but I want my abs to become better, they are hard but you don’t see them that well, my arms aren’t bad but I want them to become bigger and harder so I can frighten my opponent. Do you maybe have some tips for me to train, so my muscles become bigger. I am 16 years old en my weight is 69.6 kilo grams and I am about 1.84 meter. Thanks man!

  85. Hi brandon, i’m italian and i wanted to know, i follow your plan 2 or 3 times per week but is it possible alternate that workout with your new workout 4 abs and fat loss?

  86. Hey Brandon,

    I have been a footballer for years and had to give up a while back for studies. I and still in decent shape but I want to be as ripped as you are. I know it is a hard task but I have the drive and motivation, I have signed up to the two free weeks but I just get directed to your Facebook page. I like the videos and exercises, what sort of weekly plan do you follow? Legs one day, chest another, or do you use super sets for upper body one day and others the next? Also my diet needs help. If I can get help with this either on here or by signing up to your website I’d happily do it as I’m determined to get results. Please help

  87. hey brandon,
    you know all the information about dieting and shoulders…..and so on is that under categories is all of that in your workout plan you purchase?

  88. yo Brandon!
    I’m 16 years old and im 5’5. I weigh about 140 and im 12% body fat. I really like your videos and im going to start the program soon but I was wondering if I should burn fat and then bulk up or if I should burn my fat and bulk up simultaneously? I can see my fist two abs and really wanna bulk up but also burn enough fat to show all of my abs!

    P.S. your one cool ass dude!stay strait!

    • Whats up Mason!

      When you start eating right and working out right, your body fat will drop by itself. 12% is not a lot, do dont focus on that right now. Just start eating right and working out and your whole body will change FAST! thanks for the comment bro!!!!!

  89. Its such as you learn my thoughts! You appear to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you just could do with a few p.c. to power the message home a bit, however other than that, this is fantastic blog. A fantastic read. I’ll definitely be back.

  90. hey brandon, i am 14 years old and i am in above average shape for someone my age. I love working out and have even considered becoming a personal trainer. Although i am in decent shape, i have done many different ab workouts for various periods of time and still do not have “defying abs”. They show up often but are not always there. im wondering if there is any workout or way that i can get the full definition( kinda like your abs) that i am looking for. Thanks.

  91. Hi my loved one! I wish to say that this post is awesome, nice written and include approximately all significant infos. I’d like to peer extra posts like this .

  92. Hey brandon.. im 17 years old , male. 177~cm and 82 Kg ! i need a good plan for chest and abs as fast as possible… i can train myself to maximum but u know… not to get injured! can u tell me a complete workout for that (if possible plan 2-4 weeks?)

  93. HI Brandon, I;m a Big fan of yours.. I need to to ask you on meal plan. I working on rotating shift work. So is there any meal plan if my working hour is different?

    • I guess it depends on what kind of work you do. When I use to have a regular job, I would still eat at the same times every day no matter what. I found a way to sneak away from work. If you can try to make a set time you have your meals every day no matter what, and try to sneak away to get. I know not everyone is going to be able to do this but it’s the best way. Hope that helps

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